when we shall purchase one thing on-line, completely different queries bump into our mind, like affordability, the sturdiness of the merchandise, timely delivery, safety and security of on-line transactions, privacy, personal info, etc. for our convenience of consumers, demonstrate full trust and reliableness in our on-line looking procedures, we’ve got compiled a listing of potential queries that keep rising within the mind of our shoppers.

  1. However, can the order be delivered?

Ans: to produce the utmost skilled services and timely delivery of all our merchandise, we have a tendency to use the services of our communication (USPS), a sure name on that you’ll be able to simply bank upon.

  1. However, are the orders packaged?

Ans:  We take care of the packaging of all orders. We provide the best standard package for all our products.

  1. Can I change the delivery address to be modified once the order has been placed?

Ans: Yes. If the order has not been sent, however, you’ll be able to consignment your shipping addresses and that we can ship your parcel to your new address.

4 can I able to cancel the order once the payment has been made?

Ans: No. you will not ready to cancel your order once the payment has been created and received in our account.

Q5: How can I able to cancel my order?

Ans: If you wish to cancel your various orders, simply send a mail request to America. You’ll be able to conjointly inform America concerning order cancellation with all of your details by phone. However, if the order has already been delivered or charged, we have a tendency to can’t cancel it.

Q6: How to know the current status of the order?

Ans: you’ll be able to check the present standing of the order by work into your account with the right username and word details.

Q7 however do I purchase to grasp if the order has been dispatched?

Ans: you may receive an email confirmation of the order alongside trailing info. Simply visit our easy web site, log in to your account and keep a detailed track of your order.

Q8 Can I opt for cash on delivery payment method?

Ans: No. As we have a tendency to don’t provide money on delivery payment different, you can’t select money on delivery payment mode. However, we have a tendency to do method credit card/debit card payment, web banking, and PayPal furthermore.

Q9 Are your online monetary transactions safe & secure?

Ans: Yes. We have a tendency to forever make sure that all our on-line financial transactions square measure completely safe and secure with no loopholes. As we have a tendency to lay nice stress on security, all our online transactions are safe and client personal info not compromised in the least.

Q10 what about privacy policy and confidentiality?

Ans: no matter client info we have a tendency to receive, like name, age, date of birth, credit/debit card details or Social Security range isn’t shared with anyone for industrial purpose. We have a tendency to don’t offer or share this info with third parties.

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